Xbox Series X launch showcase in Germany saw drones form the logos for Assassin's Creed, Destiny, and Cyberpunk 2077

Xbox Series X
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A sea of drones took to the skies in Cologne, Germany to put on an impressive show for the launch of the Xbox Series X

The eye-catching aerial display saw drones fly in unison, with their little specks of light illuminating the night sky to take up various forms. The show begins with the drones replicating the shape of the Xbox logo, before transforming into the Series X console itself that rotates in the air. The little lights then became of the shape of an Xbox controller, before lining up to create the logo for the next-generation console's Velocity Architecture. 

The drones then proceed to showcase various games coming to the console, accompanied by music with some of the classic scores from the games. With symbols for Destiny 2, Watch Dogs: Legion, and Assassin's Creed in a nod to the newly released Assassin's Creed Valhalla, the drones decorate the sky with some of the biggest new releases in turn. Cyberpunk 2077 is also included, with the lights effortlessly forming the slanted font of Cyberpunk's title. 

Shortly before the end of the showcase, the drones also take the shape of the classic Xbox buttons, before returning to the Xbox logo and console forms. Finally, it comes to a close with "Dreams" written across the sky. It certainly makes for a magical display. 

The drones closed out the launch showcase, which was introduced by head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. "I want to thank all of our Xbox fans in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, for coming on this incredible journey with us," Spencer says. "Whether you've been with us from the start, or you've just joined us today, each of you are welcome. Everyone at team Xbox is grateful for your support and excited to have you with us. We have built Xbox to be a place where players can enjoy the games they want on the devices they have." 

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