Xbox Series X game deals in Australia: the cheapest way to buy next-gen titles

Gears Tactics Xbox Series X
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PS5 game deals in Australia


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Getting a PS5 at launch as well? We've also rounded up where you can find PS5 games cheap in Australia.

If you were lucky enough to secure an Xbox Series X pre-order, then you're probably wondering where you can get Xbox Series X launch games at the cheapest possible price. Well, that's what we're here for: below you'll find the cheapest Xbox Series X games in Australia ahead of the console's November 10 release date. 

Of course, with Xbox Smart Delivery, you may already own a launch title before the console's actual release. Meanwhile, the list of Xbox Series X upgrade games is abundant, so even if the launch titles aren't of much interest, you may want to boot up Forza Horizon 4 to witness all the new tech advantages the next generation of Xbox brings to the table.

Then there's the question of Xbox Game Pass: most launch titles aren't featured on the subscription service, but we've noted below where they are. Whatever the case, it's a great option if you want a library of 100+ games on your Xbox Series X at launch. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes an Xbox Live subscription, and costs AU$15.95 a month, though the introductory fee is a tiny AU$1. If you want Xbox Game Pass without the bundled Xbox Live subscription, that's AU$10.95 a month.

Prices ahead of launch will probably hold steady, but we'll keep this page updated regularly with any changes. Without further ado...

Launch titles in Australia - physical

Buy Assassin's Creed: Valhalla | AU$69 at Amazon (usually AU$99.95)

Buy Assassin's Creed: Valhalla | AU$69 at Amazon (usually AU$99.95)
If it's sheer in-game hours you're after, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is sure to continue the series' tradition of being absolutely sprawling (albeit not quite as sprawling as Odyssey). It'll also look great on Series X, with 4K Ultra HD support and 60 frames-per second.

Buy Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War | AU$88 at Amazon (usually AU$109.95)

Buy Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War | AU$88 at Amazon (usually AU$109.95)
What better way to usher in a new generation than with Call of Duty? This isn't strictly a launch title: it actually releases on November 13. But that's only three days after the Xbox Series X hits shelves, so it'll do us.

Cyberpunk 2077 | AU$74 (AU$109.95)

Cyberpunk 2077 | AU$74 (AU$109.95)
No, it's not an Xbox Series S | X game per se, but you're gonna need either if you want to play it properly on an Xbox console. CD Projekt is still ironing out the bugs, but this runs decently well even without the next-gen patch on Xbox: there's a 60fps performance mode, and a hi-res quality mode (go for the former). Via Amazon.


Buy Dirt 5 | AU$69 at Amazon (usually AU$99.95)
This is one of the most hyped Xbox Series X launch titles, and promises to be a graphics showcase: you'll be able to put your TV through the wringer with frame rates of up 120, and it also supports native 4K resolution.

Immortals Fenyx Rising | AU$78 (usually AU$99.95)

Immortals Fenyx Rising | AU$78 (usually AU$99.95)
Ubisoft's take on the Zelda: Breath of the Wild formula sounds like a good way to spend holiday downtime. At the time of writing, Amazon's AU$78 is the best you can get, with free delivery to boot. Via Amazon.

Buy NBA 2K21 | AU$88 at Amazon (usually AU$109.95)

Buy NBA 2K21 | AU$88 at Amazon (usually AU$109.95)
Most Xbox games making the transition to Series X are pretty straightforward: they'll just work, some will receive a patch. But if you want the next gen version 2K21 you can't just buy the current-gen version, which is AU$59. Only the current-gen Mamba Forever Edition version gets a free next-gen upgrade, and that currently costs AU$137.16.

Buy Watch Dogs Legion

Buy Watch Dogs Legion | AU$59 at Amazon (usually AU$99.95)
Yes, Watch Dogs Legion is already available in Australia as of October 29, but this is a Series X launch title because it'll enjoy the benefits of its next-gen patch a whole fortnight before PS5. That patch will roll out November 10, adding raytracing, 4K support and more.

Buy Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Buy Yakuza: Like a Dragon | AU$71.24 at Amazon (usually AU$99.95)
The seventh mainline Yakuza game features a new protagonist and a pivot into turn-based combat. In other words: it's a landmark instalment, and it's going to look silky smooth on Xbox Series X.

Launch titles in Australia - digital

A handful of Xbox Series X launch titles are digital only, which means you're limited to buying them on the Microsoft Store, either in a browser or on the console itself. As a result, you're probably not going to find any mad discounts except for those Microsoft host themselves. In some cases there are pre-order discounts, which you'll see below. 

Buy The Falconeer | AU$44.95
Buy Gears Tactics | AU$99.95 | Xbox Game Pass
Buy Observer: System Redux | AU$40.45 (usually AU$44.95)
Buy Tetris Effect: Connected | AU$59.95