Xbox Series V is a rumoured all-digital Series X

(Image credit: Idle Sloth)

Rumours of a third next-gen Xbox console have surfaced, potentially pointing to an all-digital version of the Xbox Series X. Images shared last night appear to show the Xbox Series V, a mid-point between the two currently-announced versions.

The rumours appear to have stemmed from Twitter user Idle Sloth, who shared an off-screen image showing the alleged Series V between the Series X and Xbox Series S console. Idle Sloth states that the Series V would fit between the S and X in terms of power. The attached image also suggests that the V would be all-digital, as there’s no sign of the disk drive that accounts for some of the Series X’s significant bulk.

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This is far from an entirely watertight rumour - it wouldn’t take too much photoshop expertise to have conjured up a picture of a slightly smaller Series X and adapted a logo to fit - but it could link to an as-yet unexplained Xbox codename that’s been doing the rounds recently.

While the Series X and Series S were known within Microsoft as Anaconda and Lockhart, back in July a third codename, Edinburgh, showed up in the Xbox One’s operating system. There’s no official word on what Edinburgh might refer to at the moment, but the two potential frontrunners are a more powerful all-digital console and something pertaining to cloud service Project xCloud.

Whether the Series V is linked to either xCloud or a new console, we probably won’t find out more this side of the Xbox Series X release date. Of course, it’s possible that the entire thing is a fake, but that wouldn’t provide any explanation for the Edinburgh codename.

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