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Mysterious Xbox Edinburgh codename surfaces on Windows library

(Image credit: Microsoft)

A codename for "Xbox Edinburgh" found in Microsoft's Game Development Kit and Windows OS Libraries has fuelled rumours of an all-digital Xbox Series X potentially in the works. 

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Spotted by software developer @bllyhlbrt, the Edinburgh codename appears in the Xbox One OS underneath "Anaconda", the original Xbox Series X codename, and Lockhart, the rumoured secondary console in the upcoming Xbox family that's said to be officially announced in the coming weeks.

Xbox Edinburgh could be anything, from another platform in the growing Xbox ecosystem to, as WindowsCentral reporter Jez Cordon cautions, something far less exciting like an "XCloud server blade", but the newly discovered reference is certainly turning heads and motivating speculation.

Microsoft is apparently holding a major Xbox Series X showcase later this month, where it'll unveil first look gameplay for Halo Infinite, and more upcoming Xbox Series X games following May's underwhelming third-party event. 

Could this be the platform where it also unveils the lid on Xbox Lockhart and Xbox Edinburgh? Not long now until we find out, but be sure to stay tuned to GamesRadar+ for all next-gen news as it arrives. 

Here's what developers had to say about the recently revealed Unreal Engine 5 demo. You can also watch the entire thing for yourself in the video below. 

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