Xbox Series S clip-on screen basically turns it into a gaming laptop

Turn your Xbox Series S into a laptop-like machine with this attachable screen, which launched on Kickstarter yesterday and reached its funding goal in just 20 minutes.

The Xbox Series S xScreen is a clip-on screen that'll let you play your Xbox Series S anywhere there's a power outlet. That way, when the Series S' jerk big brother Xbox Series X is hogging the main TV, you can simply attach the xScreen to your Xbox Series S and game to your heart's content. The 11.6-inch 1080p IPS screen has a pair of built-in stereo speakers, controls for things like volume and brightness, and a more than serviceable 60Hz refresh rate. The screen is sized such that it folds into the Xbox Series S for a flush fit - UPspec says the screen and console connected can fit inside a 15-inch laptop bag.

The xScreen connects directly to the Xbox Series S' HDMI and USB ports and is designed so that the existing power and storage expansion slots are still easily accessible with the screen attached. Though the peripheral screen doesn't need its own power supply, the console itself will still need to be plugged into a power outlet, so it's not quite as mobile as an actual gaming laptop or the Nintendo Switch.

You might've noticed in the pictures and video that the xScreen's color doesn't perfectly match the Xbox Series S, but that's just the prototype. UPspec says the final product will be painted for a seamless match to the Xbox.

According to UPspec's roadmap, xScreens should start production and shipping in December of 2021, with deliveries expected in January or February 2022. Of course, that's always subject to change, but the fact that the project was able to meet its funding goal in such a short time is definitely encouraging.

Despite reaching its funding goal, the project will stay live until August 6, giving you plenty of time to back the xScreen if you so choose. You'll need to pledge at least $249 AU (about $187 USD) to get an xScreen display, but you can always give less than that if you just want to support the initiative. 

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Jordan Gerblick

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