WWE All Stars cheats and unlockables guide

Alternate Outfits (35)

To unlock alternative outfits for a wrestler, complete any path in the Path of Champions game mode with that character. Note that some characters have two alternative outfits – obtaining both requires the completion of any two paths in the Path of Champions game mode.

Andre the Giant (2 alternate outfits):

The Big Show:

Bret Hart:

CM Punk:

Drew McIntyre:

Eddie Guerrero:


Hulk Hogan (2 alternate outfits):

Jack Swagger:

Jake Roberts:

Jimmy Snuka:

John Cena (2 alternate outfits):

John Morrison:


Kofi Kingston:

The Miz:

Mr. Perfect:

Randy Orton:

Randy Savage (2 alternate outfits):

Rey Mysterio (2 alternate outfits):

Ricky Steamboat:

The Rock:

Roddy Piper:

Sgt. Slaughter:

Shawn Michaels:


Steve Austin:

Triple H:

The Ultimate Warrior:

The Undertaker:

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