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WWE 2K20 is getting a patch, the wrestling horror could be over in 2 weeks

(Image credit: 2K Games)

WWE 2K20 will be getting an initial patch in the next two weeks, according to a tweet from the official WWE Games account. The game launched just a few days ago on October 22, but its problems were immediately obvious - our review said it "played like a work-in-progress demo that's yet to be stress-tested," and we weren't alone in that sentiment. 

The most obvious issue with WWE 2K20 are the incredibly trippy glitches which are generously sprinkled throughout gameplay. As previously reported, these glitches provide endless entertainment: some are hilarious (Kurt Angle looking like he's doing his best snake impression), some are game-breaking (a Divas match that looks like they're all simultaneously getting electrocuted), and others are nonsensical (a cutscene clip in which two characters are chatting in a car while the wind whips their hair into a frenzy - only the windows are closed). Alas, incredibly amusing glitches does not a game make, and 2K seems to be aware of this. 

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"We are listening closely to the feedback that's been shared regarding WWE 2K20 and are aware of the concerns some players are reporting," the WWE Games tweet reads before letting us know that an initial patch will be ready sometime in the next two weeks, with more to follow. Aside from the prevalent glitches, the game was also panned for its inferior animations and network issues that plagued online gameplay. All of these issues resulted in a #FixWWE2K20 hashtag trending on Twitter, which certainly got the attention of 2K Games.

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