WWE 2K20 glitches are a hilarious horrorshow

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WWE 2K20 came out today, and on top of the usual wrestling action and drama, it brought some incredible glitches. Early Twitch streams and social media snippets show a game that breaks in almost every you'd expect and several dozen ways you wouldn't. The glitches shared range from the weird to the out-and-out frustrating, but at least they're funny to watch from a distance.

Before we get to the part we're all here for - humorous videos of a game bugging the hell out - I should note that our own GR+ reviewer Ben Wilson hasn't run into too many glitches so far, so it's quite possible to play the game without the wrestlers all flopping around like electrified noodles or the world coming crashing down around their heads. But as all these videos (many of which were catalogued by Reddit user DazedRabbit) demonstrate, it's also very possible for glitches to happen. A lot.

Let's start with this clip of Kurt Angle sort of slithering (Randy Orton-like) along the ground as his head and neck do things they were never supposed to do.

Continuing the creepy vibes is this Evolution event that starts normally but gets weird as soon as the stairs begin to sink through the mat.

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Let's take a break from the existential dread with this online multiplayer match that appears to have lost any semblance of properly syncing gameplay, resulting in everyone doing their best vampire "Ack! The Sun!" impression as they attempt to exit the stage.

And we'll finish with this clip that shows the game, uh, pretty much working? Except for the hair, which may be working too much.

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In short, WWE 2K20 is having a rough start (this is the first year it was solely developed by former co-developer Visual Concepts, after publisher 2K Sports split with original studio Yuke's). But there's always room for improvement with post-launch updates, and we'll aim to give you a look at the game beyond the bizarre glitches once our review is ready.

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