WWE 2K19 DLC guide: who’s in it and when is it out?


Excluding duplicate attires, WWE 2K19’s on-disc roster clocks in at 184 wrestlers – almost a quarter of them female, which is a welcome step on from previous years. But we now know the names of DLC characters who’ll push it closer to the 200 mark, too. And while there’s no official release date yet, we can predict when they’ll be available, judging by the launch patterns of previous years. Let’s go grap to the future…

Who's in it?

11 wrestlers make up WWE 2K19’s DLC offerings, split into two packs. 

The Rising Stars pack comprises seven wrestlers: real-life married couple Mike and Maria Kanellis from Raw, Lio Rush from 205 Live, and Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, Lacey Evans and Ricochet from NXT.

The Titans pack adds former ECW champion Bobby Lashley, who returned to Raw immediately after WrestleMania, and three more NXT favourites: cocky heel EC3 (known as Derrick Bateman in his first WWE stint) and dominant tag team War Raiders, AKA Hunter and Rowe.

What else is in it?

Three other DLC offerings are on the way, in addition to the characters mentioned above. 

The Accelerator opens up all unlockable on-disc content, such as hidden arenas and Championship belts, from the outset. It also enables you to edit the attributes and traits of every wrestler in the game. Whether, in 2018, it’s fair to expect people to pay for the latter privilege is something I’ll discuss in our upcoming review.

MyPlayer Kickstart provides exactly what the name suggests: boosted ratings and XP if and when you start a new solo career mode. It also immediately unlocks all items of clothing that provide attribute boosts. 

The New Moves pack delivers 50 extra slams, suplexes and finishers that aren’t already in the game. Among the list of those revealed so far are Mustafa Ali’s Slingshot X-Factor, Jeff Hardy’s Atomic Drop/Double Leg Combo, and the Avalanche Splash/Side Effect Combo used by the now-defunct team of Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt.

How much is it?

The seven-wrestler Rising Stars pack and the four-character Titans pack are $9.99 apiece.

The Accelerator costs $4.99. 

MyPlayer KickStart is $9.99.

The New Moves pack is $3.99. Note that it requires you to manually add all moves to their respective superstar, or download an updated, fan-made moveset from Community Creations.

Alternatively all five DLC offerings can be bought together as a Season Pass for $29.99.

I’ll update this piece with UK prices as soon as they’re announced.

Who isn't in it?

2K has moved on a number of legends from previous years, such as Mark Henry, JBL, Rob Van Dam and Mick Foley. Surprisingly, however, it’s also cut three wrestlers currently under contract to WWE and who were in last year’s game: Tommaso Ciampa, Nikki Cross, and Brian Kendrick.

Ciampa’s omission is especially puzzling because, as of mid-September, he’s the reigning NXT Champion, and the best outright heel in the entire federation. No explanation has yet been offered for these cuts, other than an in-character Ciampa tweet which was swiftly deleted: “Well, it’s quite simple. I’m The Champ for a reason. I don’t lose. Not in real life. Sure as hell not in your fantasy world.”

What's the WWE 2K19 DLC release date?

There are no official release dates for WWE 2K19’s DLC as yet, although the Accelerator and MyPlayer KickStart are integral to the game from the outset, and therefore certain to be available to tie in with its 5 October launch.

The other DLC offerings are similar to 2K’s additional content from previous games, making it possible to predict when each will be available with a degree of confidence. For instance, both WWE 2K17’s and 2K18’s New Moves Packs came out two weeks before Christmas, so you can expect the WWE 2K19 version in mid-December. 

WWE 2K18’s first wrestler pack, NXT Generation, emerged in November 2017 and its second, Enduring Icons, in January 2018. Its predecessor WWE 2K17 had three DLC packs, but again one was released in mid-November (Legends Pack) and one in mid-January (Future Stars pack).

To that end, I anticipate the smaller Titans wrestler pack headlined by Bobby Lashley to go live in November 2018, and the larger Rising Stars pack boasting Ricochet and Lio Rush – who ironically is currently being trialled as Lashley’s onscreen manager – to hit in January 2019.

WWE 2K19 is released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on 5 October, and among other things features nine new arenas and 11 Daniel Bryans