WWE 2K18 gets new commentators, ring announcer, and wrestlers including Jinder Mahal and Sanity

2K Games today added a huge bundle of names to the burgeoning WWE 2K18 roster – but it's little details tucked away in the fine print that have longstanding series fans most excited.

After retiring for a second time last year, Lilian Garcia is no longer on ring announcing duties, with former Total Divas star JoJo Offerman taking over on the mic – and very capably too, from footage I've seen.

Similar changes are afoot on the commentary team. Veterans JBL and Jerry Lawler are both out, with their roles being switched to Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. On paper this should be a big deal: Graves has been WWE's best onscreen analyst since retiring from his in-ring career in 2014, and if his skills translate to the videogame, it'll hugely improve 2K18's believability. 

Accompanying Graves and Saxton is long-standing 'voice of WWE' Michael Cole.

We'll have full profiles for all the new wrestlers in the game live imminently, via our WWE 2K18 roster gallery. As demonstrated by the images here, the most exciting additions include reigning WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and NXT stable Sanity, with Cruiserweight Champion Akira Tozawa also debuting in a WWE game for the first time. 

WWE 2K18 is out on 17 October. For more on who we'd like to see return, check out the 9 wrestlers (and one Terminator) shockingly dumped from WWE 2K17.

Ben Wilson

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