World of Warcraft's Dragonflight roadmap will deliver "more content to players more often"

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Blizzard has outlined a full roadmap for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight for next year.

You can see the full roadmap for World of Warcraft in 2023 just below, published by Blizzard on December 21. It's safe to say the developer has big things planned for Dragonflight next year, not content to let the latest massive expansion stand on its own for too long without bolstering it, adding on Twitter that "with six updates planned for 2023, we're looking to deliver more content to players more often."

World of Warcraft

(Image credit: Blizzard)

First up is patch 10.0.5, which should launch before March 2023, including a brand new Trading Post, as well as white and gray transmogs. Patch 10.0.7 arrives in Spring 2023, boasting a return to the Forbidden Reach, Heritage Armor for human and orc players, and some Holiday-themed updates.

Season 2 marks the first hefty update of 2023 for World of Warcraft, and it'll be arriving between Spring and Summer. There'll be a new Zone, Raid, PvP Season, Mythic+ Dungeon Pool, Professions Updates, and new user interface movements to smooth things over.

After this, there'll be another patch in Summer 2023, and a subsequent one in the Fall. The former is headlined by a Megadungeon and World Events, while the latter focuses on new story-related quests, as well as providing a nice Holiday refresh.

Dragonflight's Season 3 likely won't be rolling around until Winter 2023, but it's another sizeable update, including a new Raid, Zone, PvP Season, and Mythic+ Dungeon Pool. There's also mention of "additional content and features," which Blizzard obviously isn't ready to reveal just yet.

Considering we've already seen World of Warcraft players race to Dragonflight's level cap in just three hours, all this new content will surely be music to the ears of veterans. 

Speaking of, World of Warcraft's pacifist panda made a grand return to hit Dragonflight's new level cap without actually playing the expansion. 

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