WoW players win race to Dragonflight level cap in just three hours

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight
(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

World of Warcraft's new level cap has been reached just hours after Dragonflight launched.

As reported by esports gang Method on Twitter, the first individuals to meet World of Warcraft's new level cap were a five-person group from Korea. The new Dragonflight expansion raised the level cap to 70 and only just launched yesterday, November 28, to give you some added context of how quick this feat by the Korean team has been.

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All things told, the feat took just two hours and 25 minutes, with the group containing a Hunter, Demon Hunter, and three Druids. The group even managed to achieve the feat of hitting the new level cap simultaneously, thanks to turning in one quest at the same time. 

The feat is pretty staggering from the Korean team. Since then, though, we've seen other individuals and raiding parties go on to hit the new World of Warcraft level cap in the hours since the Dragonflight expansion went live, including MDI champions like Gingi, Meeres, and Naowh (thanks, DotEsports). 

It's a minor miracle the entire Korean squad even managed to get into World of Warcraft after Dragonflight's launch, let alone hit the level cap in two hours and 25 minutes. Blizzard's servers have taken a beating since the new expansion launched late yesterday, with players worldwide unable to access the game.

Even before Dragonflight launched, players already feared for World of Warcraft's servers. That fear was well-founded, as the servers for the world's most popular MMO predictably fell over under the sheer pressure of millions of players trying to get into Dragonflight at once. This feat to hit the level cap is undoubtedly impressive, but you can't help but wonder whether it would've been any different with stable servers.

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