Wolverine in theatres for 2007

Barely off the junket trail for X-Men: The Last Stand and it seems the Aussie oak Hugh Jackman is already missing those chunky cigars and skin-tight outfits.

The Hollywood Reporter was sniffing around at a Tinseltown convention called Cine Expo when they got word that 20th Century Fox had an announcement to make.

Fox then promised the press throng that Wolverine would slice ‘n’ dice its way into the multiplexes sometime next year. Then, as if to underline their intentions, they played a tape of Jackman stating that the project was in full swing.

Jackman has been overseeing the scripting of Wolverine through his production company, Seed productions.

Wolverine, Spidey 3, Ghost Rider … and we thought 2006 was the year of the comic-book hero…