X-Men: The Last Stand

Activision has released shots and details of X-Men: The Official Movie Game which is the working title for its spin-off game for upcoming X-Men film The Last Stand, due out this summer.

X-Men: The Official Movie Game features three stalwarts of the mutated crime fighting team – Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Iceman – as the three playable characters, as the game charts events leading up to the start of the film and beyond the its end. The film's screenwriter Zak Penn has co-written the extra scenes to ensure that there's consistency and continuity in the storyline.

The plot of the film and game has the X-Men facing the might of a resurrected Jean Grey, whose telekinetic powers have developed to the point where she is a danger to herself, her comrades and the human race.

The three different characters will provide individual gameplay styles with the up-close brawling of Wolverine, the gravity defying leaping and teleportation of Nightcrawler, and the chilling speed and grace of Iceman.

Other X-Men members will appear and fight alongside the playable three and, as always, Professor X, voiced by Patrick Stewart, will be on hand to be brainy.

There will be an RPG element to the game as each of the three heroes' power can be upgraded using the Mutant Evolution System to ensure each 'X-Man' is fully superpowered-up to face any challenge.

X-Men: The Official Movie Game will have a multiformat release with several different developers in charge of the various versions; there's no mention of a PSP version, though.