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Wolfenstein: The New Order letters, gold, and health locations guide

Chapter 3: A New World 

Roman’s Letter:
Right at the start of the mission, when you are in the basement, open the drawer on the desk across from the guard and the letter will be under the goggles.

Gold Pocket Watch:
When you are in the basement, look for the pocket watch on the desk.

Health 1:
When you are in the basement, you can find this health statue in the corer sitting in a box.

Gold Egg:
When you clear the east section, go to the rear of the area and there will be a small building there. Look on the east side to see this egg through the crack.

Health 2:
Hotwire the first elevator when enter the first door after getting off the moving care. Take the elevator up to the top floor and the statue will be in the corner behind a spool of wire.

Gold Medallion:
When you've cleared out the west section, go to the east side of the area and there will be a guard post there. Take the mounted gun and go to the south side where you can destroy the large wooden box and the grate that it was in front of. Go through into the room and on the right side will be a desk with the gold goodie.

Gold Door Knob:
Once you are on the train and you complete the Frau’s test, grab your coffee and continue through the train to the first left you can take. Do so and it will take you to a closet where you can grab this gold.

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