Woah. Looks like Currys is honouring those amaz-o sub-£200/300 PS4 Pro bundles (that might have been mistakes)

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Among all the Black Friday gaming deal carnage this week were two Currys PS4 Pro bundles that included multiple games for sub-£200 and sub-£300 prices. 

The deals were: 

  • A 500GB PS4 Pro, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Fallout 4, Gran Turismo Sport, Knowledge is Power, an extra DualShock controller, and 3 months of PlayStation Plus, for £249.
  • 500GB PS4 Pro with Fallout 4, Gran Turismo Sport, Star War Battlefront 2 and Knowledge is Power, for £199.

I know, right?

That talk of '500GB' led many to believe that it was a listing error, as there are no such things as 500GB Pros. However, every step of the listing, purchase and receipts specifically stated it was for a PS4 Pro.

PS4 Pro + COD WW2, GTSport, Fallout 4 £299 (was £407.96): OK, so that amazing (and probably mistaken) Currys deal has gone, but they're still offering this amazing PS4 Pro bundle that we don't expect to be beaten.

The next day, everyone who had tried their luck buying one received a series of emails announcing there was a problem, before refunding everyone's money. So it looked like it was all wishful thinking and a mistake. Everyone go home, nothing to see here. 

BUT. Emails have just been sent out with this message from Currys (I've added the bold for emphasis): 

"We're sorry that we cancelled your recent PS4 PRO order due to an error with our price. But we've got some good news.

We’re going to honour your purchase at the original advertised price. There are a few things we need to do in the background to make this happen. So, we'll be sending you an email in the next seven days to progress your new PS4 PRO order.

We appreciate we didn't get it right on this occasion. And apologies again for any inconvenience."

While the specifics aren't clear yet, it does look as if those deals are going to be honoured. Maybe the maths works out and there's still a profit, or perhaps the legality of so clearly listing a product multiple times can't be undone easily. Either way, some people got real lucky and that's some great form on Currys' part.

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