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WizKids miniatures
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Having a ton of D&D figures to use in your games is the dream, and the best WizKids miniatures are a good way to make that come true. With models for almost every kind of monster, hero, and character from the Dungeons and Dragons books, they're a solid go-to for practically any game (particularly if you can get them for less). But where should you start if you're new to all this?

Here's the long and short of it - WizKids miniatures can be split into pre-painted and unpainted categories. Because these are all to scale with one another, they can be mixed and matched without looking out of place in the best tabletop RPGs.

In terms of specifics, unpainted WizKids miniatures usually offer you a couple of models apiece (unless you're getting a multipack from the Frameworks line, anyway). Meanwhile, pre-painted minis are either bundled up in packs - like large monsters and warbands - or put into blisters where the model you get is a surprise. As a rule, these painted minis tend to be more expensive. However, you are getting something that's ready for the table from the jump... and that's why we tend to recommend them for beginners.

So, where exactly should you start? We've rounded up some suggestions to kick off your WizKids miniatures collection. And because our bargain-hunting software spends every waking moment tracking down the lowest prices, you'll find them here for less as well.

Best WizKids miniatures for beginners

1. Icons of the Realms: Starter Set

The best Wizkids miniatures for beginners

Number of miniatures: 6 | Finish: Pre-painted

Nice range of classes
Good for pre-generated characters
Poses are a little stiff

If you're new to the tabletop scene or would like to take the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set for a spin, these miniatures should go straight into your online basket. Representing the pre-generated characters from that bundle (for the most part, anyway), they're the perfect if you want to hit the ground running; alongside a variety of classes, you're getting most of the playable races here. Give these to your players - alongside the official D&D stat sheets - and you'll be good to go. 

OK, so they're a bit long in the tooth these days. But this Starter Set still has a pretty good paintjob and boasts distinct silhouettes that make each model easy to identify at a glance. The unique style of every hero - be they an elf, dwarf, human, or halfling - also aids in suggesting a backstory for these adventurers.

The cost may be the most important factor of all, though. Even if you upgrade to the 'Epic Level' Starter Set for more dynamic sculpts, these minis are still very affordable. That makes them an essential purchase to go with any D&D beginner's care-package.

2. Goblin Warband

The best Wizkids miniatures for your first battle

Number of miniatures: 6 | Finish: Pre-painted

Great basic baddies
Lots o' gobbos
Paint could be more precise

While the 'Village Raiders' pack offers a greater variety of monsters (it includes everything from orcs to the hyena-like gnolls), we'd say you're better off grabbing the Goblin Warband to start with. The second in a new line of Wizkids miniatures, this pack gets you six good-for-nothing gobbos that are the perfect fodder for beginners. And even if you're a little more experienced, they'll almost certainly come up at one point or another in your games of D&D. Bashing goblin thugs is practically an institution, after all.

Featuring half-a-dozen warriors, this set includes a variety of weaponry and armor that makes each goblin feel distinct - you're getting fighters armed with swords, spears, whips, maces, and even their bare claws. That means they're easily identifiable on the battlefield, leading to less "no, I meant the other one" in the heat of combat. This adds to the rag-tag aesthetic of D&D's goblins, too.

Crucially, the Goblin Warband is affordable. Relatively, anyway. Yes, they're surprisingly small and the paintjob isn't always as precise because of the minis' diminutive stature. However, they're still full of character and stand out nicely from other fantasy goblins clogging up the market right now.

3. Orc Warband

The best Wizkids miniatures for a bigger challenge

Number of miniatures: 8 | Finish: Pre-painted

Dynamic poses
A great variety of roles
Costs a lot for what you get

Everyone needs a good orc warband. Composed of eight different miniatures, this group features a mix of unusual roles you won't find anywhere else. There's the standard warchief, sure, but you're also getting the truly foul Nurtured One of Yurtrus (boils and all) and a creepy Claw of Luthic that looks like it stepped out of the best Halloween board games. Just check out the size of those claws.

It's the sort of pack most Dungeon Masters will use at one point or another as well. Everyone has at least one encounter with an orc horde in D&D, right? Pair them with the goblins above and you've got the perfect mid-level encounter for your players that should provide a greater challenge (and some stories of derring-do to tell at the tavern).

While the set is quite expensive in the grand scheme of things, this is a great addition to the collection overall due to sculpts with loads of character and a more precise lick of paint than earlier warbands. It's well worth investing in if you're a time-strapped DM, then, especially if you can find the set at a slightly discounted cost.

4. Adult Green Dragon

The best Wizkids miniature boss

Number of miniatures: 1 | Finish: Pre-painted

Fantastic paintwork
Intimidating in size
A real show-stopper
Tricky to store - it's huge

It's the ultimate boss fight for most D&D gamers: a showdown of the ages with a dirty great dragon. As such, you need whatever model you use to be just as awe-inspiring (it's no good half-arsing the job with anything that doesn't command an Owen Wilson-style "wow", after all). That's why this particular drake fits the bill so snugly.

Standing at well over eight inches tall when you include its wingspan, the Adult Green Dragon is a genuine showstopper that won't fail to impress your players once you slap it down onto the board. Beautifully painted with a vivid forest green to go with gradients of yellow on the wings, it's one the company's best models in a long while. In fact, it's not hard to believe that this thing will mess you up.

Although it's simply the latest in an extensive lineup of dragons from Wizkids miniatures, this is also the one beginners are most likely to encounter. As well as being included in the Starter Set adventure, it ranks amongst the weaker wyrms you can find in books like Fizban's Treasury of Dragons. That leaves us with the perfect final fight for your first D&D campaign.

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