Will we get Aquaman 2? Jason Momoa reveals he's contracted for one more DCEU movie

Aquaman may have just hit theatres, but we're already wondering what's next for Arthur Curry, and his place in all the DC Extended Universe movies still in the works over at Warner Bros. While Wonder Woman 2 is schedule for 2020, and there's been talk of a Justice League sequel, it's unclear whether Aquaman 2 is on the cards, or whether Jason Momoa himself even wants to stay aboard the DC ship.

We recently sat down to chat with the Aquaman cast and crew to talk all things under the sea and more, and prodded Momoa with our metaphorical journalist's trident to see if he had any new updates to give about the DCEU, and his character's future within it. 

"I am contracted for one more [movie]", explained Momoa, when asked about his ongoing contract with Warner Bros. as Aquaman. "It was awesome doing Justice League. It's great being there with a huge cast but it'd be phenomenal if people really love Aquaman... I have an idea where I would want [a sequel] to go." 

And before you ask, yes, we did question exactly what Momoa's idea for an Aquaman sequel entailed, but he stopped short of dishing any details, joking that it would "ruin the movie". Hmmm.

Of course, the "one more" contracted appearance that Momoa refers to may just be a cameo in another DC movie, or as part of a superhero ensemble flick like Justice League, so don't go banking on Aquaman 2 just yet either way. 

Regardless, Momoa's comments imply that Aquaman's future on the big screen depends on the success of this first feature film. Luckily, the movie has already had an impressive debut at the box office, so perhaps this is the beginning of a successful superhero franchise for the aquatic Atlantian king. 

If you've already seen Aquaman yourself, check out our analysis of the Aquaman ending, including all the biggest questions we still have about the story. 

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