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The Aquaman cast talk about the challenges of filming underwater, their favourite one-liners, and more

After a lukewarm (and in some cases, downright negative) response to Batman v Superman (opens in new tab) and Justice League (opens in new tab), you'd be forgiven for not being overly excited about Aquaman (opens in new tab)

Not only does the upcoming movie (opens in new tab) see one of DC's lesser-known and most ridiculously dressed superheroes take centre stage, but the DC Extended Universe as a whole doesn't seem to have the same draw after its previous disappointments. But don't discount the aquatic superhero just yet...

Based on early reactions (opens in new tab), Aquaman is definitely worth a watch, with many praising director James Wan's interruption of the source material and Jason Momoa's turn as the Arthur Curry, alongside co-star Amber Heard as Mera. 

It was clear how much fun the cast had making the film when I spoke to them recently ahead of the release of Aquaman, and they had plenty to say about the challenges of making the movie, as well as their favorite moments. 

“It took a lot of planning," Wan laughs when I quiz him about how he made the underwater scenes so realistic. “It took a lot of research and development very early on to sort of understand what things would look like underwater.” It didn't sound like much fun for the cast either, as it involved “putting actors in these really, super uncomfortable rigs to simulate the look of being underwater, floating underwater, or swimming underwater".

I heard no complaints from Momoa and Heard though who genuinely seemed to enjoy making the movie despite the grueling filming requirements - although Momoa did say he "went through a lot" on-set... 

When I asked Heard whether she had a favorite one-liner from the film, she revealed that one of Momoa's lines made her laughed so hard that she ruined the take: "I just burst out laughing. I mean, they might have had to audio loop that to cut out my laughter. I just cracked up, I lost it…”

Watch my full interview with the Aquaman cast and director above and make sure you check out the film for yourself when it hits cinemas on December 14 in the UK and December 21 in the US.

Lauren O'Callaghan
Lauren O'Callaghan

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