Will there be an Xbox Series X restock on Black Friday?

Will there be an Xbox Series X restock on Black Friday?
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Is an Xbox Series X restock likely during the Black Friday Xbox Series X deals? It's the million-dollar question. And annoyingly, there's no concrete answer. That's why we've been gazing into the proverbial tea-leaves to see if a console drop could be on the horizon.

It'll make a lot of peoples' weeks if an Xbox Series X restock does happen on Black Friday, of course. It's been one of the most in-demand items of the past year but has been almost impossible to get hold of, and that means a drop during 2022's biggest sale would set the gaming world alight.

Will I be able to buy an Xbox Series X restock this Black Friday?

We don't know for sure that the Xbox Series X will return to the shelves this Black Friday, but there's a good chance it'll happen. Why? Because drops often take place toward the end of the week anyway, so it makes sense that at least a few offers will coincide with the sales event of the year. Plus, retailers may well have been holding back on Xbox Series X restocks over the last few weeks to make sure they have units ready for the biggest shopping weekend of the year. But where exactly do we expect to see Xbox Series X restocks on Black Friday?

First up on our list of contenders is Best Buy. It's been known to throw restocks out into the world at the end of each week on Thursday or Friday, so a drop during the Black Friday gaming deals is plausible. The same is true of Target - it usually gets a drop on Friday.

Microsoft is another solid option; it's known for Thursday drops as well, so it wouldn't be surprising to see an Xbox Series X restock from them during Black Friday itself.

Will there be an Xbox Series X restock on Black Friday?

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Wondering about Amazon? Irritatingly, the online retailer is by far and away the most unpredictable option here when it comes to restocks. There's no rhyme or reason to offers, so the best thing you can do would be to check in every now and then and try your luck.

Black Friday Xbox Series X restock tips

It's not easy to find an Xbox Series X at the best of times, but there are ways of tipping the odds in your favor. We've arranged some hints and tips below, and while they aren't foolproof, they'll at least give you a better chance of securing the console.

1. Be patient and refresh the page if the console sells out

This is probably the most important bit of advice we can give. If the console seems to sell out straight away, don't throw in the towel just yet - retailers like to release stock in waves, so refreshing the page can yield results even after hope seems lost.

2. Sign in and get your payment details ready

Look, it may sound obvious, but this can save your bacon. Sites have a habit of glitching or slowing down under the weight of traffic when Xbox Series X restock deals appear, so cutting down on the time you spend faffing before hitting the checkout will reduce your chance of being forced to start all over again (at which point the console could well be sold out, which is obviously infuriating).

3. Prioritize bundles 

Solo consoles always sell out before anything else, so make a beeline for bundles if you can. Combos featuring games or the best Xbox Series X accessories don't go out of stock quite as quickly, giving you a better chance of securing your copy of the system. 

Will there be an Xbox Series X restock on Black Friday?

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4. Don't pay more than you have to

If you're not getting a bundle with extras from a retailer you trust, there's no need to pay more than the standard price of an Xbox Series X - it should set you back $499.99 in the USA and £449.99 in the UK. Some third-party sellers like to inflate the cost of the console with an absurd markup, and (because legitimate deals come through at least once a week), they're just not worth splashing out on.

5. Keep an eye on social media

Be sure to keep a beady eye on stock tracking Twitter accounts while you're on the lookout for an Xbox Series X. They're one of the best early warning systems out there and can really help you stay ahead of the curve.

Which Xbox should you get?


Xbox Series X ($499.99 / £449.99) | Check at Amazon
If you're looking for the 'full' next-gen experience and don't want any compromises, the Xbox Series X is the only answer. As well as being more powerful in terms of graphical and processing specs, it can display games in 4K resolution and has a disc drive (which the Series S lacks). That gives it more versatility in general.


Xbox Series S ($299.99 / £249.99) | Check for deals at Amazon
For those looking to save money or anyone that just wants the Netflix-esque Game Pass subscription service, the Xbox Series S makes a whole lot of sense. While it doesn't have a disc drive (meaning you've got to buy everything digitally) and is less powerful in general, it's far cheaper. Plus, it still plays all the same games - they just won't be displayed in 4K.

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