Wii Bowling brought to life is a hilarious reminder of the glory days of motion controls

Wii Bowling
(Image credit: Nintendo (via Fandom))

Wii Bowling, perhaps the most popular title in Wii Sports' suite of motion-controlled party games, has been recreated in a hilarious TikTok parody.

If you were lucky enough to be around for the glory days of Wii Sports, this fun little video should be a trip down memory lane. Released alongside the Nintendo Wii in 2006, Wii Sports helped introduce the world to the lovably awkward Miis, customizable avatars that doubled as the player characters in Wii Bowling and other games. 

Brilliantly spoofed by the.johnsonbrothers below, Miis like to shuffle from side to side to line-up their shots, bounce around playfully in the background, and all too often let the ball slip on the backswing, making the Miis behind them do a nifty little spin dodge to avoid being clobbered. They also take a unique and needlessly challenging approach to bowling where they wind the ball all the way back and forward, pause just before letting it go, and then somehow flick it onto the lane and into a near-perfect strike.


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♬ original sound - The Johnson Brothers

TikTokkers have been having a ball lovingly satirizing old video games lately. A few weeks ago, another talented group showed us just how uncomfortable your first day of college would be if everyone was acting like Skyrim NPCs. Like the Wii Bowling video, it's an amusing reminder that a lot of the weird stuff we overlook in games would be pretty disturbing in a real-world setting.

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