Viral TikTok video where college students behave like Skyrim NPCs is too spot-on

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A new viral TikTok video imagines what it might look like wandering around a modern university populated by Skyrim NPCs, and it's honestly just too spot-on.

TikTok group Slammy and the Rat Pack clearly did their homework - meaning they played a heck of a lot of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - as everyone involved mimics the game's NPCs perfectly. It's almost like watching one of those dreams where you're forced to go back to school because you never actually passed a class that was required to graduate, but if you spent the whole week prior playing Skyrim. Check it out:


POV: youre at a college where the students are all Skyrim NPC’s ##fypage ##foryou ##frpシ ##viral ##npc

♬ Skyrim Atmospheres - Jeremy Soule

Even if it's been a while since you last played Skyrim, you'll no doubt recognize the students' uncanny behavior; the stiff movements and expressions, the awkwardly outstretched arms, and the total disregard for environmental obstacles. You might not notice during your first watch, but in the last scene someone's sort-of gliding against a wall in a way only Skyrim NPCs do. Again, hats off to the creators for introducing the world to the University of Whiterun's class of 2024.

Of course, Skyrim's abundance of jank - even at the dawn of its second decade in this world - will never stop us from playing Bethesda's fantasy classic. In fact, the studio recently announced Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, which bundles together hundreds of mods and launches this November. Skyrim fishing is also a thing that's just now happening in 2021.

For more, check out this story on how one player turned Skyrim into Dark Souls using the might of about 500 mods.

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