Whoopi Goldberg is "pissed off" that Diablo 4 isn't playable on Mac

Diablo 4 antagonist Lilith
(Image credit: Blizzard)

The View co-host and veteran actor Whoopi Goldberg wasn't happy to find out that she can't play Diablo 4 on her Apple Mac.

In a video shared to Goldberg's personal Instagram account (via Entertainment Weekly), the actor explained that she purchased Diablo 4 before learning it isn't compatible with Macs. However, instead of just leaving it there, she's calling on Blizzard to do something about it.

"This is what I'm asking you, Blizzard Entertainment," Goldberg said. "This is Whoopi. You know how much I love Diablo. I would like y'all to let those of us who use our Apples to play. Allow us to play on the Apple. Take Diablo 4 and let us do it and have a great time." 

"Give me my Diablo 4, because I paid for it, I was all excited for it, I went to play on it, and I'm telling you, this really pissed me off," she added, laughing.

It's true that Diablo 4 isn't playable on Apple devices, but there is a solution: Apple's new game compatibility toolkit can be used to run the sequel and, according to PC Gamer, it works quite well. Another possible remedy is for Goldberg to simply move on from Diablo 4 until she gets a compatible PC or console and instead play Diablo Immortal, the mobile-friendly ARPG released for Apple and Android devices in 2022. Granted, that won't get Goldberg the money back she spent on Diablo 4, but at least she'll be able to play a new(ish) Diablo game on her Apple.

Alternatively, Goldberg can scan this list of games like Diablo which may or may not include Mac-compatible offerings.

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