Which gaming chair should you buy on Black Friday?

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It's always amazing to see some of the best gaming chairs go on offer during the holiday period. Gaming seats are expensive after all, and any chance folks get to buy a throne for themselves without overspending is amazing. That said, navigating Black Friday gaming chair deals can be a bit of a maze if you don't know what to look for. 

Getting to know the kind of chair you need is going to be instrumental to making the most of this year's sale, particularly if you're after the best value for money. Before you get the tape measure out, though, it's worth taking a top-down look at some of the best gaming chairs on the market so that you know what to expect.

We've had our rears in plenty of cushions this year, but we've also been tracking their prices all year round. That means we know what a good chair does and how much a good deal will set you back. Thankfully, the biggest savings are usually reserved for Black Friday. If you're not sure which gaming chair you should buy in this year's sales, we're here to help. 

We've been testing all the latest gaming chairs to see where each one stands (and how they sit under the best gaming desks), so you'll find all our recommendations for the seats you should be watching out for this year just below.

Which gaming chair should you buy on Black Friday?

Boulies Ninja Pro

Best for: those looking for comfort

Seat depth: 20-inches | Seat width: 20-inches | Height: 18 - 21-inches | Max weight: 300 lbs

Insanely comfortable
Premium materials
More affordable than the high-end competition
Not the widest range of design choices

Regular price: From £279.99 / $319.99
Expected Black Friday price: From £250 / $270

We crowned a new favorite gaming chair this year - the Boulies Ninja Pro. With extremely plush PU leatherette cushioning and all the adjustability you could want, this unseated the Secretlab Titan Evo for the top spot on our list. 

The great news is, it's not only cheaper than Secretlab's 2022 outing but it's frequently discounted too, meaning you're more likely to catch this seat in a bargain - even outside of Black Friday sales. 

The build quality is nice and strong, and the wide seat and cushion run-off at the end means it's suitable for lots of body types. Perhaps the biggest thorn in this chair's paw is the fact that it doesn't have the widest selection of colors and designs to choose from. That said, the few it does have available are smooth and classy. You won't find the officially licensed branding deals of Secretlab here, but if you want something that's recognizable as a gaming chair and something that's supremely comfortable, this is the one to look for this November.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 review

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SecretLab Titan Evo 2022

Best for: Those looking for a premium chair with lots of design choices

Seat depth (S/R/XL): 18.9"/19.3"/19.7" | Seat width (S/R/XL): 17.7"/18.5"/19.3" | Height (S/R/XL): 50-52.8"/51.2-54"/53.1-56.9" | Max weight (lbs): 285/285/395

Magnetic headrest
High build quality 
Plenty of lumbar support customization
No memory foam lumbar cushion

Regular price: From $499 / £399
Expected Black Friday price: From $399 / £349

If you're after one of the best of the best, a real premium chair with a heavy discount, we would recommend keeping an eye on SecretLab's Black Friday deals. The latest model, the Titan Evo 2022, has excellent build quality and a massive range of ergonomic adjustments to ensure a comfortable experience. You'll also find plenty of material and design options to choose from, including pink gaming chair models as well.

Crucially, the Titan Evo 2022 comes in a range of sizes now, from small to extra large which means you'll be able to find the right fit for you straight off the bat. The small is recommended for those under 5'6" and 200lbs, with the regular designed to fit 5'7"-6'2" at under 220lbs, and the XL for 5'11"-6'9" at 175-395lbs. 

Not only are you getting a high-quality seat here, but Black Friday is also the best time to buy a SecretLab gaming chair. Last year we saw $100 / £70 off these models, which means we should be seeing similar discounts in 2022. 

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Razer Iskur X review

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Razer Iskur X

Best for: Those looking for a recognizable brand

Length: 23.6in (60cm) | Width: 25.2in (64cm) | Height: 50.4in - 54.3in (128cm - 138cm) | Max weight: 299lbs (136kg)

Classic Razer design
A lower price point than previous models
Expensive when not on sale

Regular price: $399.99 / £399.99
Expected Black Friday price:
$249 - $299 / £249 - £299

Many gaming chairs are developed by brands that don't stray too far into other gaming accessories. However, if you're looking for a recognizable logo on the back of your headrest, we'd recommend you keep an eye on the Razer Iskur X. There are a few caveats to this option, largely based on the fact that we would generally only pick up this model when on sale. 

You are getting a comfortable chair with a classic Razer design and a wide range of ergonomic customization options, but at the full $399 / £399 MSRP the value for money just isn't there. However, if you're working out which gaming chair to buy on Black Friday, that might not be such an issue. Out of all the top brands, the Razer Iskur X is the most reliably discounted model. We regularly see $100 or £100 off this chair during sale events, which means this year's holiday sales could be particularly kind. 

That discount has been hopping around for a while now, which means there's plenty of scope to see an additional $50 / £50 off the sales price during the heat of the sales. If you can pick up this model for around $249 / £249 it's an excellent option.

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Corsair TC100 Relaxed review image

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Corsair TC100 Relaxed

Best for: value for money

Seat depth: 38cm | Seat width: 54cm | Height: 188cm | Max weight: 264 lbs

Comfortable, plush cushioning
Competitive price
Great armrests
Limited design options
Lumbar support is a little firm
Casters feel a bit rigid

Regular price: From $249.99 / £199.99
Expected Black Friday price: From $225 / £179.99

The Corsair TC100 Relaxed takes a lot of the best features from expensive gaming chair models and brings them down to a price that's a lot more reasonable. The adjustability here is fantastic, and the level of comfort is excellent for a chair that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. 

Since this is a great value option that is never that far away from our "best budget" award, this is certainly one to look out for this Black Friday. The cushioning, in particular, is really strong, and has a sort of springy action when you fall into it. The neck cushion is a little tough, but on the whole, this seat provides plush cushioning without compromising oin the ergonomic support your posture can benefit from. 

This chair can be had in a fabric or leather material, although only comes in black or grey which is a real shame. If this had more cosmetic options, it'd be a shoe-in for a lot more gamers. That said, flashy cosmetics aren't for everyone - if you need something a bit more reserved for professional video meetings, for example, this is a solid option. 

Cheap gaming chairs on Black Friday: which should you buy?

If you're looking for something under $200 / £200, the range expands beyond a few brands and into smaller pockets of similar-looking models at super cheap prices. These cheap gaming chairs shouldn't be discounted, they often offer excellent value for money, high-quality materials, and plenty of ergonomic support controls. However, you might not be getting the durability and additional features of some of the more expensive models above. 

Below, we're listing the cheaper gaming chairs you should buy on Black Friday if you're browsing with a smaller budget in mind. 

GTRacing gaming chair | $99 - $150 at Amazon

GTRacing gaming chair | $99 - $150 at Amazon
GTRacing is a well-known brand in the world of cheaper gaming chairs, offering that 'classic' gamer aesthetic without the price tags of some of the more premium models. You'll often find these seats on sale for between $99 and $150, with plenty of color options available as well. 

UK Alternative:
GTPlayer gaming chair | £80 - £100 at Amazon

Respawn RSP-110 | $99 - $150 at Amazon

Respawn RSP-110 | $99 - $150 at Amazon
The Respawn 110 is certainly a chunkier chair, but comes with a footrest and wide, flat seat cushion offering excellent value when on sale. The cheapest we've ever seen this model go is $89, but that was a couple of years ago. Since then it has been hovering above the $100 mark which means we'd conservatively expect a Black Friday price of around $99. 

UK Alternative:
Von Racer gaming chair | £99 - £120 at Amazon

Homall gaming chair | $90 - $149.99 at Amazon

Homall gaming chair | $90 - $149.99 at Amazon
The Homall gaming chair is a classic, offering a massive range of color and design options and regularly coming in under $100. That's perfect if you're just looking to grab a budget chair with the right aesthetic and plenty of lumbar support. We haven't seen this model drop below $90 yet, with prices usually sticking between $90 and $120. 

UK Alternative: Requena gaming chair | £80 - £100 at Amazon

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