Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Xur location and Exotics for July 2 - July 6

Destiny 2 Xur
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Where is Xur? Destiny 2 players will find Xur in the Tower for the weekend beginning Friday, July 2. Look for him on the north end of the hangar behind the Dead Orbit hangout. He'll hang out until reset time on Tuesday, July 9. Be sure to give him a visit to pick up any Exotics missing from your collection, armor pieces with better stat rolls, and your weekly Exotic engram. 

Here's everything Xur is selling this week.

  • Exotic weapon - The Huckleberry: kills with this weapon partially reload the magazine (or fully reload it with the Exotic catalyst added on) and increase damage dealt. It also gains increased rate of fire and recoil the longer you hold the trigger. The Huckleberry just plain shreds everything. It's an exceptional weapon with an un-nerfed version of Rampage that lets you play Destiny 2 like Doom Eternal, never stopping to reload your bullet hose. 
  • Hunter Exotic - Knucklehead Radar: your radar stays active while you're aiming, and crouching expands your radar resolution. Knucklehead Radar can be useful if you find yourself constantly aiming down lanes in PvP, but you're generally better off using an ability- or movement-boosting Exotic and avoiding that kind of tunnel vision. It's like the Exotic version of a kitchen gadget: neat when it works, but not needed. 
  • Titan Exotic - Antaeus Wards: improves your slide, and sets up a reflective barrier for a short time when you slide after sprinting. These boots were rightly nerfed a while back since they kind of made you invincible while sliding, but they're still pretty good if your build or play style doesn't demand any synergistic Exotics. They'll save your life occasionally, but they won't get you a bunch of extra kills.
  • Warlock Exotic - Chromatic Fire: headshot kills with any kinetic weapon generate Dragonfly-style explosions of the same element as your equipped (Light) subclass. Chromatic Fire doesn't work with Stasis, but it's a fun choice for every Light subclass. It unlocks some interesting armor mod synergy, and you can stack it with Firefly for double the explosions. 

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