Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Xur location and Exotics, August 27 - August 31

Destiny 2 Xur
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Where is Xur? Destiny 2 players will find the Exotic merchant back in the north side of the Tower hangar for the weekend beginning August 27, 2021. You've got until Tuesday, August 31 to pay him a visit and pick up any Exotics, Exotic engrams, or Exotic ciphers you need. 

Here are the Exotics Xur's offering this week:

  • Exotic weapon - Tractor Cannon: this void heavy shotgun fires a unique energy pulse that suppresses enemies and makes them take more damage from all sources. Tractor Cannon is still one of the strongest debuffs available and its boop shot is absolutely hilarious in PvP, so it's totally worth owning. Its catalyst is easy to get, too, and buffs its magazine considerably. 
  • Hunter Exotic - Knucklehead Radar: your radar stays active while aiming, and crouching improves your radar accuracy. Knucklehead Radar provides valuable information in PvP, but you generally don't want to stay scoped in for too long anyway, so this helmet kind of encourages bad habits. 
  • Titan Exotic - Doom Fang Pauldron: these arms give bonus super energy when you get void melee kills, and landing hits with your thrown Sentinel Shield will extend your Super and recharge your shield throw. The Doom Fangs are top-tier for Sentinels in most situations, so if you don't own a pair, grab them and be prepared to never take them off.
  • Warlock Exotic - Promethium Spur: killing enemies with your Daybreak creates a duo healing and empowering rift at their location. Killing enemies with solar weapons while standing in your rift will generate rift energy, and when your rift is charged, kills will consume your rift and create a duo healing and empowering rift at the enemy's location. After their buffs, the Promethium Spur boots have some decent utility for chaining duo rifts, but players are still feeling out how practical they are. 

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