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Where can you buy the Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Series 2 controller?

Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Series 2 controller
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Want the Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Series 2 controller? You're not the only one. As a limited edition (and a rather handsome one, at that), it got snapped up almost right away from the official Microsoft store. So, where in the hell can you buy it ahead of the November 15 release date? 

We've got some good and bad news. The good news is that it's available right now at Amazon UK and Game for £180. However, the bad news is that it doesn't seem to be on sale anywhere else at the moment. This means US readers will have to wait just a little longer to secure their version of the Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

It probably won't take long for the accessory to arrive on other sites, so we've listed the most likely candidates below. Keep an eye on them in the coming days for another crack at getting the Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

Where to buy Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

No matter where you go, the handset will set you back $199.99 in the USA and £179.99 in the UK. While that may seem steep, it's worth bearing in mind that this isn't a standard Xbox controller. Instead, it's a reskinned version of the advanced Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 that launched in 2020. That means it's crammed with extras like back paddles for greater control, custom thumbstick tension adjustment, alternate thumbstick, and d-pads, and Hair Trigger Locks. It's these features that also make this pad one of the best PC controllers for gaming you can get too.

Naturally, it's also sporting a unique design modeled after Master Chief himself. Battle-worn thanks to weathering effects and sporting cool nods like a pattern on the back that mimics the helmet card slot for AI such as Cortana, the Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is a nice ode to the franchise. 

Announced alongside a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X that's available to pre-order now, this handset was one of the standouts from the Gamescom: Opening Night coverage. It wasn't the only notable reveal, though; we also got a Halo Infinite version of the Razer Kaira Pro headset and a Master Chief Seagate 5TB Game Drive, so you can kit out your setup with a Spartan theme if you're quick (and have lots of money).

Don't forget about our Halo Infinite guide if you want to catch up on the game ahead of launch this December. And to make sure you're ready with the best audio and visuals, be sure to drop in on our best Xbox Series X headsets and best TV for Xbox Series X guides.

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