Westworld season 2 is happening, but it probably won't air until 2018

It's not nearly as big of a shock as some of the twists revealed thus far in HBO's sci-fi/western hybrid, but news that Westworld has already been renewed for a second season might still come as a surprise. But that's exactly what the official Westworld Twitter account announced today, by way of a cryptic video teaser:

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The show's second season will be 10 episodes long, but don't start scheduling your viewing parties yet. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, HBO’s programming president Casey Bloys said that he's not sure precisely when the show will return. "My suspicion is sometime in 2018 because of how big the world is and what goes into shooting it," Bloys said. "So I don’t have a date exactly – they’re going to have to map it out and write the scripts – but my guess is sometime in '18."

As for what direction Westworld season 2 will take, Bloys said only that it will be as "exciting, mysterious, and fun" as season 1. So… more orgies, then?

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