Wednesday TV Highlights


SKY ONE Futurama “The Cryonic Woman”

SKY TWO Stargate SG-1 “Prodigy” – Season four, Carter tries to turn a brilliant, but rebellious, cadet into potential SG-1 material.


BBC3 Doctor Who “Army of Ghosts” – First of the two-part season two finale, with Daleks versus Cybermen and loads of zeitgeisty cameos and gags. Yup, Russell wrote it. Followed by Doctor Who Confidential.

ITV2 The New Adventures of Superman “Ghosts” – season four lightweight guff with a ghost who wants Lois’s body.

LIVING The X-Files “Apocrypha” – season three, and the arc plot is beginning to take hold (for better or for worse).

SCI FI Mysterious Ways “The Midas Touch” – Adrian Pasdar and co investigate a woman with a lucky touch.

SKY TWO Stargate SG-1 “Entity” – a disembodied alien entity invades Stargate Command and builds a body for itself.


ZONE HORROR Beastmaster “The Burning Forest” – Dodgy small screen version of dodgy big screen fantasy from a few years back.


SCI FI Angel “Power Play” – Season five nears its climax, and it seems that Angel has fallen in with a very bad crowd.

SKY TWO Stargate Atlantis “Miller’s Crossing” – repeat of the latest episode that was on Sky One last night. Channel flicking can sometimes b e like Groundhog Day, can’t it?

SKY THREE Tru Calling “Twas the Night Before Christmas… Again” – The final episode in which a dying show lies on a mortuary slab and Tru can do nothing about it.

TROUBLE Charmed “The Bare Witch Project” – Season seven, wiccan whimsy with Lady Godiva (the clue’s in the title…)

VIRGIN 1 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “The Search” – Season three kicks off with Sisko taking the Defiant into the Gamma Quadrant in search of the Dominion. God, this show‘s good.


BBC2 Heroes “Landslide” – First of a double whammy of episodes tonight that finish off season one. (Also on BBC HD)

DAVE Red Dwarf VII “Stoke Me a Clipper” – Ace Rimmer’s back in a so-so episode from a so-so season.

SKY TWO A Town Called Eureka “All That Glitters”– all the town’s metal turns to gold.

TROUBLE Kyle XY “The Lies That Bind”


BBC2 Heroes “How to Stop an Exploding Man” – the slightly disappointing, but still immensely enjoyable, season one finale. You’ll believe a man will forget he can fly. Or maybe not. (Also on BBC HD)


ITV4 Jericho “Crossroads” – Life in post nuclear Jericho is complicated when outsiders arrive in the town. Recommended for insomniacs.


BBC3 Heroes Unmasked “The Story So Far” – repeated at 1.50am.


DAVE Red Dwarf VII “Stoke Me a Clipper” – it’s that Groundhog Day feeling again.


LIVING Charmed “The Mummy’s Tomb” – Er, why does Living seem to change the titles of Charmed episodes? We reckon this is actually “Y Tu Mummy Tambien” from season five.


LIVING Total Recall 2070 – short lived series from 1999 which was more like a bargain basement Blade Runner, to be fair.


BBC1, 11.15pm Waterworld – not as bad as its reputation, this is a watchable enough dumb action movie.

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