Wednesday Link-A-Mania

Dark Knight Director To Oversee Superman Reboot?
Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Warner Bros has hired Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan to mentor the development of a new Superman movie. According to the article: "Our insiders say that the brains behind rebooted Batman has been asked to play a godfather role and ensure The Man Of Steel gets off the ground after a 3 1/2-year hiatus." Legendary Pictures, which co-produced/co-financed Superman Returns as well as the two Nolan Batman movies will once again partner with Warner Bros on the next installment of Superman.

Cruise Confirmed For Mission: Impossible IV
Paramount has confirmed that Tom Cruise will return for Mission: Impossible IV. He will also be producing the film along with JJ Abrams’s Bad Robot production company. Screenwriters Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec are attached to write the script, from an original idea by Cruise and Abrams. The hunt is now on for a director (because hopefully Abrams will be busy on Star Trek II). A release date has been set for the week of Memorial Day 2011 (British translation: 20 May 2011) placing the film up against The Hangover 2, while Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides opens the week before.

Cars 2 In Box Office Traffic Jam
Meanwhile, in further release scheduling news, Disney has moved the release date of Cars 2 from 24 June 2011 to December 2011. Originally another Pixar/Disney movie, The Bear And The Bow, was due for release in December 2011, according to Coming Soon , so the assumption is that the release date for that movie will be shunted backwards as well.

Prison Break Star Cast In The Gates
Prison Break star Frank Grillo has been cast in the lead role in ABC's upcoming supernatural crime drama series The Gates, according to The Hollywood Reporter . Luke Mably, Janina Gavankar and Chandra West have also have been cast in the show, which British Terry McDonough (who has worked on such TV shows as The Street and Breaking Bad) has come on board to direct. Created by Richard Hatem and Grant Scharbo, The Gates is about a big-city cop (Grillo) who becomes chief of police sleepy planned community which is not all it seems (there was an episodxe of The X-Files that sounds just like this). Mably a cardiologist who is a vampire-like creature, with Gavankar as a local cop with a dark secret and West as the owner of a tea shop – who's probably a werewolf, the Creature From The Black Lagoon or the reincarnation of Mrs Overall or something.

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