Wednesday Link-A-Mania

Green Lantern! Batman and Robin! Star Trek! It's your handy sci-fi news digest

Green Party

It seems the world has gone a little Green Lantern mad. Recently has seen the release of the live action film and the animated film Emerald Knights . Cartoon Network have jumped on the bandwagon and are releasing their own Green Lantern animated series. The trailer premiered on the web and comes complete with cheesey voice over. Networks seem determined to destroy this character by all means necessary [editor's note – our Rob Power disagrees , Green Lantern 's okay!]

Robin Or Rob-out?

Fans of Batman games, living outside North America, have been given a rather large kick in the backside. Warner Brothers confirmed that Robin will be a playable extra in the up-coming Batman game Arkham City , but only if you live in the US and pre-order from Best Buy . With time before the game's release though, this could and hopefully will, change.

Hell Hath No Fury

Marvel movies have Nick Fury, the man bringing the Avengers together. If Angela Bassett has her way , DC could soon be heading in the same direction. The character, Amanda Waller , plays a loosely similar role to Fury – and with DC wanting to bring out more and more films in the future, it could be a possibility. Her inclusion in Green Lantern does seem to point towards it...

You Be The Judge

With film and comic merchandising at an all-time high, it was only a matter of time before new 2000 AD products hit the market. Thanks to a recently signed deal with Planet Replicas, soon fans will be able to buy anything from keyrings to full size Judge badges (Judge helmets and replica weaponry to follow soon after apparently!) to scale character models. They'll range from characters such as Dredd, Judge Anderson, Strontium Dog, Sláine, Rogue Trooper, ABC Warriors and Zombo.

Shat Happens

Star Trek and William Shatner go hand in hand... until he didn't appear in the recent reboot. And it also seems he won't appear in JJ Abrams' second Trek film. At the Calgary Expo in Canada, The Shat made it clear he will not be appearing in the sequel either. Shame!

This news round-up compiled by Liam Corcoran.

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