We took some creative licences with Deadpool...

Hugh Jackman has exclusively told totalfilm.com how the creative minds behind X-men Origins: Wolverine have taken creative licences with the iconic character of Deadpool. But he insists that fans will understand why they did it.

“The things I’m thinking about now I don’t want to tell you because the fans will go, ‘Awwww, that’s cool!’ Jackman told us.

“Actually, some fans might be pissed off but that’s okay. I think they’ll understand why we did it. We took some creative licenses with him."

Gambit a little bit like Wolverine

Jackman also talked about the role of Gambit, highlighting similarities between the character and his own portrayal of Wolverine in the first X-men movie.

“He’s not part of any group, he’s not on anybody’s side,” he said. “Wolverine gets him because he needs the information off him, but Gambit’s not going to give it – not without a fight.

“And they get a fight, the two of them get a fight. I’m really, really happy with the dynamic between the two.”

For the full interview, take a look at totalfilm.com’s Hugh Jackman Wolverine interview .

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