Watch the Beyond Good & Evil 2 prototype in action and geek out over these 4 moments with us

The Beyond Good & Evil 2 re-reveal at E3 2017 included some snippets of the actual game, but the star of the show was clearly that lovely CGI trailer. Now that we've had ample time to dissect the trailer, we're about ready to look at some space chimps in the real-time flesh. Ubisoft was ready to deliver with this 15-minute long walkthrough of some impressive prototype gameplay.

Don't have time to watch the whole thing? These are some of the coolest moments from the video. Man, to think this is just what the prototype looks and plays like.

Motherships are basically space stacking dolls

Ubisoft heard you like ships, so they put ships in your mothership so you can fly your ship after you get done flying your ship.

Going from over-the-shoulder to over-a-planet is Ri-Donk City

Realizing that you're a tiny speck on top of a less tiny speck in real life? Terrifying. Realizing it in a fully simulated video game with no loading screens? AMAZING!

Your spaceship can frickin' drift

Ships look like they'll be arcadey fun to pilot whether you're weaving between buildings or blasting through the atmosphere.

Meteor strikes change the world and the story

Apparently the part of the world with the big city on it is protected, but the other side will be regularly struck by meteoroids. They'll deform the terrain in a big way, and they'll also prompt corporations in the city to rush over and scoop up all the rare materials.

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