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Watch every single new movie at the cinema with Odeon Limitless for 20% off

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Whether you're an avid cinema goer who sees all the latest releases straight away, or you only find yourself at the pictures a couple of times a month, this Odeon Limitless deal is for you. While £159.99 may seem like an expensive price to fork out for a year of movies in one go, there's plenty of reasons to jump on this bargain choice in the Boxing Day sales, even if it's not what you expected to buy post-Christmas!

12 months of Odeon Limitless | £159.99 via Groupon (was £205)

12 months of Odeon Limitless | £159.99 via Groupon (was £205)
Watch as many movies as you can manage for a full year with this discount on an Odeon Limitless membership

You may think this deal is only worth it for those who go to the cinema multiple times a week to catch every single film that comes out, but that simply isn't true. Odeon prices fluctuate wildly depending on where you are in the country, but the price of a Limitless membership – including this deal – doesn't. For example, at the time of writing, a ticket to see JoJo Rabbit on New Year's Day at the Blackpool Odeon would cost £5.75 for a single adult ticket. At the Bath Odeon – to see the same film, at the same time, on the same day – a single adult ticket costs £12.25. More than double the price.

The way to work out whether a Limitless membership is worth it for you personally is to look at how much a single ticket costs at your local Odeon and which films you're keen on seeing in 2020. There's a plethora of top movies coming out like JoJo Rabbit, Tenet, Birds of Prey, Sonic the Hedgehog, No Time To Die, Black Widow... the list is endless.

Picking up an Odeon Limitless membership may even entice you to see some films you otherwise wouldn't, especially when you can pick up Limitless this cheaply. If you do live somewhere the tickets are usually quite expensive, such as Bath, you only need to see more than one film a month to save money! It's a no brainer really. Especially since an Odeon Limitless membership also saves you 10% off food and drink, along with 30% discount at selected restaurants!

Make sure you check out all of the upcoming movies for more reasons to pick up an Odeon Limitless membership

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