Watch Dogs Legion Skye Larsen fate: Should you kill or upload her?

Watch Dogs Legion Skye fate: Kill or upload
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At the end of the 404 storyline, you need to decide the fate of Skye Larsen in Watch Dogs Legion. The options are to kill or upload her and it goes without saying that this guide includes spoilers for Watch Dogs Legion, so if you haven't reached this point yet but have somehow stumbled upon this guide, stop reading now. If you have reached the ultimate moment in Nowt's 404 story, read on to know the differences between whether you either kill or upload Skye Larsen.

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Watch Dogs Legion Skye Larsen fate: Kill or Upload

Watch Dogs Legion Skye fate: Kill or upload

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Alright, so you've been through Skye Larsen's home and infiltrated Blume Tower, and killed the small army she had defending her. You've reached Skye Larsen, heard her beg and plead with you to spare her life and upload her. What do you do? Is there any consequence to picking one over the other?

The short answer is no. Picking either choice does not influence the outcome of the game, or the storyline, in any way. So ultimately, you can go with your gut feeling. If you feel sympathetic to Skye, upload her to the cloud. If you agree with Nowt, kill her.

Picking either option does change the ensuing dialogue somewhat though. If you kill her, Nowt is glad and Bagley will suggest taking a selfie with the corpse, in his charming British ways. Nowt will decline to work with DedSec in future, before changing her mind and showing up at the safehouse.

If you upload her, Nowt is furious, as expected. She swears at you a bit, reminds you of Skye Larsen's horrors, then hangs up on you. Don't worry though, because she rings back a few minutes later and apologises. She'll still end up in the safehouse, giving you 404 contracts.

Also, when you finish the mission, you'll see a news video explaining that Daybreak — the software created by Skye — is being shut down by Blume anyway, so she dies nonetheless. Happy endings all around!

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