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With Watch Dogs Legion getting a free next-gen upgrade, this $50 pre-order is excellent value

 With Watch Dogs Legion getting a free next-gen upgrade, this $50 pre-order is excellent value
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Watch Dogs Legion is going to be one of the biggest releases of the cross-generational period, so getting a cheap Watch Dogs Legion deal this early is an absolutely terrific proposition. Particularly as it has now been confirmed that purchasing for this current generation of console will bag you that free PS5 or Xbox Series X upgrade for free.

As a result of everything going for it, one might expect it to hold its value and stay at the same price before during and probably after it's launch. Wrong. Because if you are looking to nail down a copy now, the great news is that you can pre-order it for less than 50 bucks right now. Which is madness, all things considered: snag it for just $49.94 at Amazon - PS4 or Xbox One - or Walmart - PS4 and Xbox One - right now - way ahead of October 29, 2020: a release date that we now have set in stone.

This is a total bargain. We wouldn't expect to see this price until way after a game's launch.

We think this could be one of the best deals going, and to push it over that line we need one more thing to happen: for Ubisoft to finally confirm that owners of a PS4 or Xbox One edition of the game will get a free next-gen upgrade too. This would follow on from other games like Cyberpunk 2077 that are confirmed to be doing this.

With the next-gen upgrade confirmed, you'll essentially be getting two games for the price of one by ordering today, while being able to play it early, and bask in the glorious next-gen upgrades too.

If you need a small refresher on the background of Watch Dogs first, then head over to our Watch Dogs Legion story primer, or grab a copy of Watch Dogs 2 for free on PC, or immerse yourself in why Watch Dogs Legion's 'Play as anybody' approach could make it a defining game of early next-gen, making it one our games of 2020 to look out for.

And for a more complete roundup and to fully inform yourself of what's going on, head on over to our guide on how to pre-order Watch Dogs Legion and get the full low down on all the other versions, goodies and availability. 

As a final note, it is possible to cancel pre-orders from Walmart and Amazon should you change your mind and want to wait for the next-gen version if that ends up being a separate release. They will only take your payment once the game is about to be, or has been, shipped to you.

Watch Dogs Legion | PS4 | $49.94 at Amazon

Watch Dogs Legion | PS4 | $49.94 at Amazon or Walmart
On its own, this is a great price for a AAA PS4-game that's not even been released yet. If instincts are to be confirmed and one does get a next-gen upgrade too, then this is next-level value.

Watch Dogs Legion | Xbox One | $49.94 at Amazon

Watch Dogs Legion | Xbox One | $49.94 at Amazon or Walmart
The same goes for Microsoft's powerhouse and the value is accentuated even more so if the next-gen upgrade comes and can be enjoyed o the behemoth that will be the Xbox Series X.

This will be one of the best looking, games of recent times - and of next-gen  (probably) - so it'll pay to make sure you have the hardware to enjoy it. In the first instance, we recommend getting one of the best gaming TVs or the best gaming monitors into your setup to ensure you bask in the beauty that the game will offer.

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