Watch a Call of Duty: Warzone stim glitcher take an RCXD to the shins

RCXD vs Stim Glitcher from r/CODWarzone

It seems like we get a new video of a Call of Duty: Warzone cheater daily, which only makes their demise all the more satisfying.

In today's cheater comeuppance from Reddit user amac5, a Call of Duty: Warzone stim glitcher seems poised to win a match on Rebirth Island simply by staying within the noxious gas and spamming the stim - a common exploit that's incredibly frustrating. The cheater's victory seems imminent until the only other player left alive, at the behest of his dead teammates, decides to take an RCXD car to do what he cannot. "Can the RCXD die?" the player wonders aloud as they bring up the car's control pad. 

"If you get this kill I'll give you - dude no way you're getting this kill," a teammate says as the car heads over to a pinged point where the cheater in question is hanging out. The RCXD blows up at the cheater's feet, but there's no immediate kill notification, so there's a hilarious few seconds where the entire squad is wondering if the RCXD did its job. Turns out, the trusty little murder car did, and the Warzone victory goes to the honest trio. 

The good news is that the latest Call of Duty: Warzone patch notes have killed the infinite stim glitch - here's hoping it stays dead and this isn't Rebirth Trios. Yes, that means we won't get hilarious videos showing off how to give a cheater what they deserve (like this one where a stim glitcher gets a KAR to the face at 250m), but I'd much prefer an honest match over one full of untouchable players hiding in Nova gas. 

Now Call of Duty: Warzone players don't have to fight against the infinite stim glitch, and can focus on getting dubs. 

Alyssa Mercante

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