Call of Duty: Warzone stim glitch returns, but good luck pulling it off

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Yes, you've read that right - the Call of Duty: Warzone stim glitch has returned, but luckily it's nothing like its previous iterations.

The Call of Duty: Warzone stim glitch involves players getting an infinite tactical which lets them repeatedly use the health stim while in the noxious gas areas. In the past, it's let players stay well within the confines of the gas and ride out entire matches without having to get in close contact firefights with players as the gas-less circle closes. It's been patched several times, but always finds a way to return.

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Twitter user and Twitch partner James AKA 'JGOD' posted about the stim glitch, confirming it has returned for a sixth time. However, this version of the stim glitch is a lot harder to pull off, and likely won't be ruining your future quads matches. JGOD writes that it is "not too difficult to do" but "breaks pretty easy and the changes to the gas won't allow for many people to pull it off." Raven Software and Activision recently adjusted the gas so that it increases damage over time, so at a certain point it can take all your health in one shot. Pretty hard to stim glitch your way out of that scenario...

Despite it's persistence, Call of Duty: Warzone players consistently fight back against the stim glitch, either by using their last dregs of health to rush a hiding stim glitcher, or picking them off because they stupidly grabbed a Most Wanted contract while hidden in the gas. Recently, a Warzone cheater lost by way of a gnarly snipe shot from across the map, and yet another took an RCXD to the ankle bone

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