Warzone cinematic for season 5 stars a hacker who doesn't stop at computers

The new Warzone season 5 cinematic has gone live ahead of the new season's debut next week, and it's a hacker's delight - in-game hackers, I mean, not actual cheaters.

The trailer is centered on a new Call of Duty Warzone character (who is seemingly named Kitsune according to a recent leak) who's casually infiltrating the mainframe at a NATO listening station in Germany. She does a little clean-up with a pair of TEC-9 SMGs, but her most dangerous weapon is clearly her little green-screen laptop. When it looks like she's finally been surrounded, the program she uploaded takes control of her would-be captors via their helmet radios and turns them against one another: a neuro-linguistic virus right out of cyberpunk fiction.

The trailer makes Kitsune look cool - and scary - as hell. That said, picking a literal hacker to become the face of the next season of Warzone sure is a choice given Activision's ongoing struggle to stop cheaters from ruining matches, whether they're using external tools or in-game exploits. In any case, the dawn of a new season means a ton of fresh content is about to drop for Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War alike, and we'll keep our sights set for all the biggest changes as they roll out.

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