Warzone 2's Building 21 is already closed, but "will be operational within the week"

DMZ building 21
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After a lengthy wait for Building 21 to open in the Warzone 2 DMZ, it's already closed again, and it seems the building will remain on a rotating schedule for the foreseeable future.

DMZ Building 21 is basically a special area that you can access with access cards found in the standard Al Mazrah map. The map offers much tougher enemy encounters alongside a big reward in the form of the Silver Tox Chimera weapon blueprint. Building 21's addition was noted as part of the Season 1 Reloaded update last week, but it wasn't actually available in-game until December 19.

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Just 24 hours after it opened, Infinity Ward tweeted that "Building 21 has entered lockdown after significant infiltration. Access cards are disabled, but will be operational within the week. Prepare accordingly."

While there's been some speculation that access to Building 21 was shut down early due to a bug or exploit, it looks like the rotational release was planned from the start. When the building initially went live, promo material noted that "our window to strike is limited - if missed, Operators will need to wait for future deployments."

As it stands, an in-game countdown timer says that Building 21 will return around midnight EST on the morning of December 24. Santa's bringing you the greatest gift of all this Christmas Eve: access to limited-time video game modes.

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