Warzone 2 duo detonate nuke despite using starting pistols only

The nerfed LA Thieves skin in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2
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Two Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players detonated a nuclear bomb while only using the starting pistol.

As spotted by the Twitter account Modern Warzone, streamers Fifakill and LG bbreadman achieved the near-impossible in Warzone 2. The pair won five games in a row with merely the game's starter pistol before successfully detonating a nuclear bomb in the sixth game.

This is a pretty herculean effort by the pair of Warzone 2 streamers. Just attempting to win a match of Warzone 2 with the game's starting pistol is a monumental achievement, let alone winning five matches of duos for the pair in a row. 

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That being said, the PKM is a pretty solid all-around pistol. The starter pistol, which everyone gets at the beginning of a Warzone 2 match, has decent handling, aiming, and damage stats, meaning if you're quick enough on the trigger finger, and accurate enough, you can put up a real fight against anyone. Even considering that, you'd still have to be ungodly good at Warzone 2 to win five games with the PKM. 

This is the second time in the same number of weeks we've seen a nuke detonated in a weird manner. Last week, one streamer achieved the detonation without firing a single bullet, playing with merely their wits and a riot shield through six whole games to detonate the weapon. Nuke runs with odd conditions seem to be all the rage among Warzone 2's streamers at the moment.

Check out our full guide on the Warzone 2 nuke for all the information you need about detonating the game-ending weapon.

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