Warzone 2 Loadout Primary Weapon cost has been halved, and players are glad

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Raven Software has reduced Call of Duty: Warzone 2's Primary Loadout Weapon cost at Buy Stations by half, and it's been warmly received by players.

The developer has published a list of new patch notes for Warzone 2. The only gameplay change in the patch is knocking down the cost of Primary Loadout Weapons at Buy Stations by half, reducing the price from $5,000 to a moderate $2,500.

So far, at least, the change has gone down pretty well with Warzone 2's community, a startlingly rare reaction from the player base. The reactions to the tweet from ModernWarzone just below, for example, are filled with players receiving this new change positively.

There's a similar sentiment in the comments under the subreddit post just below. Some Warzone 2 players are arguing that Raven Software has overcorrected, reacting too heavily to players bemoaning the hefty cost of $5,000 to purchase their primary weapons at a Buy Station.

It's worth remembering that it'll still cost players $5,000 to get both their primary weapons from a Buy Station, however. $2,500 definitely seems a relatively low amount to pay for your weapon of choice, but considering the fee doubles if you want to bag your second favourite gun, that could be a reasonable price to pay. It sounds like the developers are listening to the community, which bodes well for any changes that Warzone 2 Season 2 might bring. Fingers crossed at least. 

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