Warzone 2 players are dying when they should only be downed

Warzone 2
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A Warzone 2 bug is causing players to die when they should only be downed.

The Twitter account ModernWarzone flagged the issue on Wednesday, asking, "Does anyone know what causes you to instant die in Warzone 2 instead of going down like normal?? Doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it right now."

Normally, unless you get hit with a one-shot kill, your character will be "downed" after taking a certain amount of damage, and you'll have a chance to crawl to safety or to an ally for a revive. However, the bug some Warzone 2 plays are experiencing skips that step and kills them outright.

Thankfully, while there doesn't seem to be an official fix just yet, Warzone 2 developer Raven Software is investigating the issue. As flagged by Charlie Intel, the studio added a card for the issue on Warzone 2's Trello board. "Some players are Eliminated in situations where they should have been downed," reads the ticket. No timeline on a resolution has been provided as of the time of writing.

Warzone 2 finally went live today and, despite some isolated server struggles, things seem to be going relatively smoothly. There's a separate bug that's making it hard for Warzone 2 players to find their friends and play together, but at least there's a pretty simple temporary workaround for that one.

Elsewhere, Warzone 2 players are going absolute buckwild with proximity chat, which is exactly the type of chaos the feature was designed for, and console players are looking for a new excuse for their sorry K/D now that there's a console FOV slider.

These Call of Duty Warzone tips are essential whether you're dropping down in Caldera or the new Warzone 2 map Al Mazrah.

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