Warzone 2 players looking for new excuses now that there's a console FOV slider

Warzone 2
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With the launch of Warzone 2, the battle royale finally has an FOV slider on console, and now players are waiting for the next round of excuses.

Field of view options are very common on PC, but definitely not universal in console games. That means, PC players in competitive first-person games are often able to see much more of the world around them and the players they're competing against. PC players benefit especially from FOV options as players sit closer to their monitors, and since a wide FOV can lead to worse performance, the added horsepower of PC hardware can often mitigate that issue.

But since the original Warzone featured crossplay between consoles and PC, console players have found that they're at a disadvantage against PC folks cranking their FOV up to 120. In fairness, there are some fairly legitimate-looking examples of FOV mismatches, but like many minor features in competitive multiplayer games, it's become a scapegoat for bad players to explain away their bad K/D ratios.

Now that excuse is gone, as the console versions of Warzone 2 have FOV sliders. It's not altogether surprising, given that Modern Warfare 2 also had the feature, but players are relieved to find it's in place for Warzone 2. It's there even on old-gen machines, where players feared the performance demands of the wider FOV might keep the option from being implemented.

The only thing to do now is stop and wonder what the new excuses are going to sound like. As EmeraldMunster on Reddit speculates, "Still the FoV. Now that they have it cranked up, they won't be able to see at distance anymore."

Warzone 2's proximity chat seems to be working exactly as intended.

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