WarioWare: Get It Together has at least two minigames about poop, ESRB confirms

WarioWare: Get It Together
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A new official listing for WarioWare: Get It Together includes some very gross minigames, which should feel like coming home for fans of the oddball anthology series.

As spotted by Stealth on Twitter, the ESRB listing for WarioWare: Get it Together reveals some of the gross-out tasks you'll need to accomplish with little time and even less context - including one that is entirely too familiar for me, as someone who has three cats. The overall rating for WarioWare: Get it Together is E10+ with content descriptors for "Cartoon Violence" and "Crude Humor." The rating summary goes into greater detail on both accounts: it's the usual bopping enemies on the head and stuff exploding for the cartoon violence, but the listing specifically calls out the fact that a "handful of mini-games involve bathroom humor".

According to the ESRB listing, you can look forward to "dodging pink poo coils" from birds, collecting drops of snot from a giant, and - as the crowning achievement - "moving a poo coil around a cat's litter box." To be clear, I'm not clutching my pearls about any of this: I have been a WarioWare fan since the first game hit Game Boy Advance, and I appreciate the fact that gross-out humor has always been one hallmark of the series. It isn't constant - nothing about WarioWare is constant - it's just another one of the many tools WarioWare uses to keep players oscillating between laser focus, incredulous laughter, and stunned silence.

Oh, you also see Wario picking his nose every now and then, but that's just what Wario does. I'd be more worried if he stopped. WarioWare: Get It Together is set to hit Nintendo Switch on September 10, and in a new twist for the series, you'll be able to play the whole thing in co-op with a friend, either by handing off a Joy-Con or by playing wirelessly with two Switch systems.

Whatever your thoughts on playing microgames in a litter box may be, you can also look forward to taking on bite-sized challenges inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ice Climbers, and more favorites from all across Nintendo history.

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