WarioWare: Get it Together has minigames themed around Animal Crossing, Ice Climbers, and more

Warioware: Get it Together Nintendo Switch
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WarioWare: Get it Together features a number of minigames based on classic Nintendo franchises.

When WarioWare: Get it Together was revealed last week as part of Nintendo's blockbuster E3 Direct, it showcased a brief number of minigames. However, as NintendoLife has discovered in the video below, there are 11 total minigames that appear to be based around other Nintendo games, including Ice Climbers, The Legend of Zelda, and more.

It's not exactly easy to spot these themed minigames, but NintendoLife has certainly had a good crack at it. As the video above showcases, there are plenty of lovely tributes found in WarioWare: Get it Together, in particular a game based around delivering a present from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and even a clue pointing to a Legend of Zelda-inspired game on WarioWare's cover art.

If you missed the news from last week, WarioWare: Get it Together is bringing the chaotic action-packed game back for the Nintendo Switch audience later this year. It'll be launching in just a few month's time on September 10, so we've got plenty of time to browse any trailers and screenshots for clues as to additional minigames.

If you're unfamiliar with the WarioWare saga in general, it's a series of games that pits two or more players against each other in a slate of minigames. The minigames themselves are based around some pretty short timers, meant to determine the victor through a series of small challenges, including clearing out clouds, rocking a baby to sleep or waking it up, and other whacky antics.  

Last week's Nintendo E3 2021 Direct was a pretty blockbuster showcase for the company. Headlining the 40-minute presentation were the likes of Metroid Dread, the first new 2D Metroid game in 19 years, as well as a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel, which teased a brand new Link as well as a release window of 2022. For more on Nintendo's long-awaited Metroid revival, head over to our Metroid Dread interview for a detailed talk with producer Yoshio Sakamoto.

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