Warframe Crafting Guide: Blueprints, Resources, Dojo Research, Relics and Prime Parts


Blink and you’ll miss the blistering action of Warframe’s third-person ninja combat. In the thick of it, the game is a blazing fast shooter with a healthy dose of hard-hitting melee combat.

Out of combat, however, Warframe is a whole lot slower. It owes that in no small part to the incredible amount of crafting players must perform to keep up-to-date with the game’s arsenal of weapons and robot suits. Assuming of course that you don’t have unlimited real-world cash to spend on building up your armoury.

So let’s explore the (often complicated) ins and outs of crafting in Warframe. This guide includes sections to cover Blueprints, Resources, Dojo Research, and Relics and Prime Parts.


Crafting in Warframe simply doesn’t start without blueprints. These puppies are the backbone for pretty much everything you make, wear, or use throughout the game - from the Warframe’s themselves to consumable items like health packs and hacking devices.

Blueprints are acquired in numerous ways. The easiest and most common of which is simply to buy them from the in-game marketplace. If you’re totally new to this free-to-play romp, the market is the holographic display located near the front and to the right of your personal ship. Its interface is then split up into categories like primary and secondary weapons, or companions and keys.

Items in the marketplace can be bought either with credits or Platinum. The former is currency you’ll earn mostly from just playing the game. It’s a necessary component in most items you craft, too. So when purchasing a blueprint with the stuff make sure you have enough credits saved up to cover the cost of the plans and the actual construction.

Platinum is almost always used for buying items wholecloth, without the need for blueprints at all. The major exception is that certain rare crafting materials - Orokin Cells, Neurodes, Neural Sensors - all have blueprints that cost 100 Platinum apiece. 

That’s 100 Platinum for a permanent blueprint, mind you. Unlike some crafting schematics these ones aren’t consumed when you build them. In fact, if you’ve got premium currency to burn, these blueprints aren’t the worst purchases you could make. The three rare components can be a real pain to find in the wild sometimes and since these schematics can be reused indefinitely their lifetime value is pretty much infinite.

Those, like most blueprints, may be found on the marketplace, but many, many more need to be found in other ways. Some of which we’ll get into in specific detail in this guide. Others are a little too esoteric for what they offer to get their own sections. Suffice it to say that, besides buying them on the market, some are only available as daily login rewards, from time-limited Alert missions, during special in-game events, at the ends of quests, or as drops from bosses and unique enemy types.

Whatever you intend to build, there’s a real-world wait time that starts once you begin building off the blueprint. This can last anywhere from one minute for certain smaller items to three days for full Warframes. 

If you’re impatient, you can spend varying amounts of Platinum to rush the job and complete it immediately. We advise against it, however, as general Warframe wisdom holds this to be the worst way to spend your premium currency. Just be patient, okay? You can always kill time by going out on missions to hunt for more resources to build more items. Which we’re about to cover in the next section.

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