Walmart currently offering Xbox Series X restocks for everyone

Xbox Series X
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The Xbox Series X is currently in stock at Walmart at $499 - not only that, but this stock drop is for everyone, not just Walmart Plus Members. We've seen these consoles flitting in and out over the course of the week, so while things may seems steady, this drop could end at any moment. We are unsure how long this will be available for, so it would be wise to snag one as soon as possible. 

Previously the only stock Xbox Series X stock available for non-members was the All Access offer, which requires monthly payments of $34.99 for two years. Walmart was also one of the only retailers to have a significant Xbox Series X restock this month. The previous March 14 drop was exclusively reserved for Walmart Plus members.

Meanwhile, in-store Xbox Series X restocks have been picking up this month, with many gamers finding the console at either Target or Gamestop. While the latter's most recent stock drop was held exclusively for Pro members, it's worth keeping a close eye here. It may still be possible to find a console in store, as Gamestop is known for having stock in store even after official restocks. 

Lastly, if you haven't already signed up to the Microsoft store for a possible chance at getting an invitation for an Xbox Series X, now is the time. There is speculation that there may be a likely restock on their end coming up soon. Their last restock was on March 2, and Microsoft has been relatively good at holding regular restocks, so if you're looking to try and purchase a Series X without holding membership or a Subscription, this may be your only way. 


Xbox Series X | $499 at Walmart
Walmart is currently offering the Xbox Series X for everyone right now. This is a huge surprise as it has usually be reserved for Walmart Plus members due to limited stock. Snag one while you can as we don't know how long it will be around for. 

Previous Xbox Series X Restocks

Our Xbox Series X restock tips

1. Check in-store

Many gamers have found a lot of luck finding a Series X in store at retailers like Target and Gamstop. We'd defiantly have a look around your local stores to see if they have anything in-store for you 

2. Consider a membership

It looks like the trend of offering consoles for subscribers and members wont be leaving us anytime soon due to limited stock of the Series X. If you've got the budget, we would recommend signing up for one. 

3. Sign Up to the Microsoft Store

Many people have found a lot of lucking via this route. And if your looking for a place that does not need you to have a membership, then signing up for Microsofts invitation may be your best bet. Let's hope luck is on your side. 

Check for Xbox Series X stock today

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