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Universal confirm Incredible Hulk disc features

Universal has confirmed the extra features for the upcoming disc release of The Incredible Hulk, starring Edward Norton.

Blu-Ray purchasers will be able to watch 44 minutes of deleted scenes from the movie. Even if you didn’t like the movie on first viewing, we’d consider picking up the disc just to see if there’s an entirely different flick embedded within those extra scenes.

For the first time in our collective short-term memory though, DVD buyers are getting short-changed. The standard disc will feature just 14 minutes of deleted scenes, and even the American special three disc set is limited to less than 30 minutes of extra stuff.

It’s currently unclear what will be included on the Region 2 version, but we can’t imagine getting more than its American counterpart. Particularly as it’s only a two-disc set over here.

The Incredible Hulk is released on DVD on October 13.