Uncharted sequel location revealed by treasure map?

Nov 27, 2007

We know Naughty Dog love their franchises, first there was Crash Bandicoot then came Jak and Daxter and now, with the ending to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune giving more than a few hints that a sequel is on the cards, it seems it’s Nathan Drakes turn to be given thesequel treatment.

But the ending of the game isn’t all that’s led us to believe that Drake’s return is on the horizon. A recent piece of art work sent out by Sony came complete with a document entitled ‘Lost and Found Treasures’. This document detailed the 10 greatest treasure hordes in the world and, as well as being a nice little history lesson, got us thinking. If Sony has gone to the trouble of researching these treasures and including the document within information about Uncharted, could one of these locations potentially be the setting for the next game?

We’ve picked out the three most likely locations from the list in the hope of predicting where the Uncharted series will take us next.